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(Partial List)

Solar Institute of Nevada – The Solar Institute approached us saying, “Did you know that Solar Energy is the fastest growing ‘alternative-energy’ source in the world?” Well no, we didn’t know that. But, we DO now… AND… we built them a ‘helluva’ site to get his message out, and start enrolling students. Their pleased, we’re pleased… even the students like it and say it’s easy to use.

UER – Urban Environmental Research (UER) is a passionate “Risk-assessor” and has received tons of industry awards from customers as well as vendors. They were frustrated when they came to us… They wanted a new website and wanted us to manage it. They received 'industry-applause' on their website, and also serve as one of our business references. (We are flattered.)

Compassionate Cancer Care – Have you ever used the phrase, “It’s as serious as cancer” – Well, Compassionate Cancer Care takes cancer seriously, and it's lucky for us that they do. They also wanted to portray the “other” side of cancer, the hope, the journey, and oftentimes, the victory. We think we nailed it. They do too…

FoxCor – Admittedly, the real estate business took a hit in Las Vegas. FoxCor is still in business and doing very well, “Thank you very much.” – There are several reasons, - the breadth of their business capability, the strength of their commitment and resources, and they USE the Internet and their website to communicate to their clients and prospects. Then consider their website an integral part of their business. (“Thank you, FoxCor.”)

BND Pool Renovations – Swimming pools in Las Vegas makes sense. BND is one of the best swimming pool contractors in the area. When you take a dip, there’s more than just the water – there’s the deck, the maintenance, the beauty… it ALL has to come together seamlessly to be a good experience. We think we depict it well for BND, and they agree.

Face Painters – FacePainters is owned by a retired lady who wanted additional income in her retirement years. She came to us and said, “I think I’m pretty good at 'painting-faces', how do I get that across on a website?” – We said, “We know how to do it.” – The result? – I dare you to take a look at her calendar (it’s on her site) – She's booked up! – Ms. Beyer is a nationally recognized speaker/trainer/teacher. She wanted a web-presence that would accurately reflect her stature in the Fortune 500 segment. She also wanted a dynamic eStore where she could offer her training/teaching aids on a transactional basis. Additionally, she told us, I want to score high in a search-engine setting for “Las Vegas Speaker.” We think we accomplished ALL her goals. – Our client wanted a site to “Ease the apprehension of lung ailments, particularly in children. "Make it ‘friendly’, informative, and encouraging,” they said. “One more thing, make the kids smile.” –We smile, do you? – Need more time in your day? – House Calls thinks you do. Is your time more valuable than wasting it by zipping over to the dry-cleaner? House Calls thinks it is.-- House Calls believes the market is ready for a personal dry-cleaning service, and asked us to make the site functional and REAL. We think we did. BTW, we increased the time in our day, …bet you can too. – Hey, have you noticed we have a little 'housing problem' in America?  So did Foreclosure Counselors. “We want to give folks some REAL information, encourage them that things can get better.”--What do you think? Did we get that across? – Absolutely Spotless is a professional cleaning service who will clean your commercial building, your home, your garage, or your Hi-RISE. Now, you may think that's "NBG" (no big deal), but they sure don't! – They wanted us to get a clear point across– they clean it right, -- the first time, -- per your instructions. What more can you ask? – (Ask 'em, and see.) – Quick Capital believes there should be a more up-scale way to address the less-than-prime credit market. They wanted a more humanistic approach where the person would be treated kindly, courteously, and professionally. They said, “Design a website that extends a friendly invitation to come in and see us” ... Do you think it’s as inviting as we think? – Ever wanted to go to a sun-drenched villa in the Caribbean? (Me too) Well, CaboPartners owns a beautiful villa in sun-drenched Mexico. Their problem was how to tell the non-sundrenched where they’re located and how to enjoy it. They said, “Make us unique; show folks what we have to offer.” I’m already booked, how ‘bout you? – Got any problems in your relationship(s)? Nope, everybody’s fine there, right??… NOT! -We’ve all been at a place where we could use a little help in this area. Alexa told us specifically, “Let folks know there is some help out there, -- that there really is hope.” She’s bright, cheerful, energetic, and WISE. We think we understood what she was trying to get across; and… we think we displayed it well. “Your thoughts??” – The owners of City Blend Café had a special mission, commemoration of the tragic death of their son through his dream:  a blend of coffee shop and the Arts. The site had to be “sensitive, poignant, in-good-taste; yet, ‘upbeat’ enough to attract a diverse range of clientele,”from student, to business-person, to academic. Can you smell the coffee?? (We can.) – The “guyz” at Photographic TV have already made a name for themselves. You ever watch the IFL (International Fight League?) How about Court-TV? (No?) Surely you watch ESPN/Discovery Channel/NBC…Well, if you have, -- you’ve seen their work. They wanted other people to see it too…They wanted a “kick-ass” site … and we gave it to them.

(Maintenance / Hosting Only – Not our design)

Adam Kutner – ( – The Kutner-team came to us saying: “Our site needs to be up and functional all the time.” While no one can guarantee a specific ‘uptime’, - their site hasn’t been down yet. Their statement: "Hosting is no longer a problem to us.”

Medinah Minerals – ( – Medinah Minerals cares about its shareholders and needs to keep information flowing in a very timely manner. “Our site needs to have changes up on short notice.” Customer service is key to our business, and our customer needs come first.

BenX – ( –Remember that song, "A Good Man is Hard to Find?" – Well, a decent web-maintenance developer is even harder  -- BenX is based in Salt Lake City, but couldn’t find a web-maintenance firm there to cooperate. He came to 'Vegas and found us… (blush) – Now we’re both happy.

Wrens Baptist Church – ( –When the church first came to us, we almost didn’t accept the contract. It really was (perhaps) the worst-maintained site we had ever encountered. I could tell you in long, boring detail how bad it was… suffice to say: “You don’t want to know.” – They’ve been under contract with us for two years now… no complaints on either side.

Stonewater Dentistry – ( –StoneWater was VERY annoyed with their previous web-developer. Seems they wouldn’t return a phone call. We hear that a lot. We made their site WWW-compliant, removed multiple site-errors, re-invigorated it with fresh pictures; and most of all, we’re RESPONSIVE to our client. (Hey, they even became our corporate dentists.)

Sullivan & Associates – ( –We didn’t build Sullivan and Associates’ site, but we DO maintain it. He didn’t want a lot of service from us, and we agreed that he really didn’t need a lot. When he does want a site-change, we do it immediately and correctly. John (the owner) says, “That’s exactly what I want.” – (We aim to please.)

The Frisky Pet – ( –Awww…. Is there anything cuter than a new little puppy or kitten? – We agree. When Frisky Pet came to us to maintain their site, they wanted 24-hour response, they wanted it accurate, and they wanted it ‘hassle-free’. – (Who doesn’t, right?) – Another multi-year client for us. We proud, they’re happy, and we stop by to see the puppies pretty often. (arf…)



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