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Why a portfolio??…

-- A web-developer’s portfolio is the essence of the flavor of the firm…

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Pointedly, we think we’re different.

-- Throughout our site the theme of “Fresh Eyes” is brought forth and fostered.

The clients we gained came to us primarily because of our ability to “see a vision”, or “dream a dream” of how their website could be more effective…

In some cases they simply wanted a “web-presence.” In others, they wanted a dynamic eCommerce webStore that would be a primary revenue producer.

Still others wanted a social-engine that would participate in the mushrooming segment of the web called – “Social-Space.”

Let’s take a look at several websites to see what they wanted to accomplish and let YOU be the judge.


NewVista website design gives you a compelling web-presence.
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For more information about the website design process read:

(A Guide to Understanding the Web-Development "Process")

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