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NewVista web developers bring extensive capabilities to your website design NewVista offers state-of-the-art hosting to its clients.

Built to withstand terrorist attacks, natural disasters, flooding, earthquakes, unlawful-entry; -- our data-center features multi-level, physical security systems modeled after financial repository security systems.

It’s equally resistant to power outages / fluctuations, with redundant diesel-generators, and battery-driven UPS.

Key security features of our center include:

•  Low profile, non-descript building,
   attracting minimal attention

•  Located at a core hub on the
   Internet backbone

•  Multiple redundant fiber connections

•  24-hour security personnel

•  Localized Halon fire protection

•  Biometric hand-scanner doors

•  Controlled access points and
   property searches
•  CCTV digital recorders to track all

•  Kinetic, digital-combination, lock-
  protected cages

•  Temperature and humidity
   controlled environment

•  Overhead, visible wiring provides
   safety from flood and tampering

•  Protection against earthquakes and
   physical attack


NewVista website design gives you a compelling web-presence.
Being at the top of Google / Yahoo / MSN searches -- can be the difference between success and failure of your site.

It’s not enough to just have a shopping cart. -- You need a professional Web-eStore that drives viewers to your website and converts prospects to customers.

Turn your website into a “webmercial”; providing your viewer with an Internet experience!

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