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NewVista web developers bring extensive capabilities to your website design NewVista's 'Blog' writing services can help you:

The best business blogs are those that get updated frequently with quality information. -- That's the whole point of blogs--to offer fresh content that a static website just can't deliver.

In order for your business blog to stay fresh and useful, you need to appoint a designated blog-writer to keep things moving forward. Some businesses have in-house writing talent, while others do not. For those that don't, we offer professional blog writing services to fill the void. This way, you can capitalize on the benefits of blogging while saving time, money, and energy in the process.

Blogging for People & Search Engines

We write for people first and search engines second. Our blog writing service delivers useful information that your readers will enjoy. Once we have achieved that, we will also ensure that each blog post is optimized for search engines, mainly by focusing on key phrases / topics your audience is interested in. To do this, we use various in-house keyword-research tools and keyword discovery tools.

Pricing & Payment Information

After the initial, one-time setup charge (artwork / layout / theme-design,) we can set up a schedule to write as often as you would like. The more often your blog gets updated, the more valuable it becomes for readers. The cost of this service is $75 per blog post. A blog post is defined as 350 - 500 words in length. This includes the following:

The cost outlined above does not include revisions of content. We find it is easier and more efficient for clients to make any minor revisions they deem necessary. This keeps the process from getting bogged down, and we have priced our service with this in mind.

NewVista works on a 100% pre-payment policy, which gives us more time to write quality blog content (and less time chasing invoices). Basically, you would pay for one month of blog writing at the frequency of your choosing. After the first month, you can continue if you are happy with the service or you can cancel. No long-term contracts!

Get Started Today

Would you like to get started with our blog writing services? Do you have a question about something not covered here? Please contact us to learn more.

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Tom Adair, Blog Writer Meet Your Blog Writer

Tom Adair has been a professional freelance writer for more than 20 years.

Tom delivers the kind of content that helps engage readers while also supporting your goals for search engine visibility.

Good for people good for search enginesβ€” that's our approach to business blog writing.


NewVista website design gives you a compelling web-presence.
How the Writing Process Works

First, in conjunction with our clients, NewVista researches your audience, your products or services, and your blogging goals.

We will also gain background information to help us establish a working knowledge of your core subject matter.

We will then write blog posts on a pre-determined schedule β€” twice a week, weekly, twice a month, etc.


Blog Writing Example

NewVista has a flair for learning about a client's business, products and services, and then writing about those subjects in a clear manner. For example, our own blog not only serves as a 'knowledge-base', it’s also a 'standard-reference' to our clients and the market at large:

Take a look: NewVista Blog.

Our blog posting above, is not only a good example of our writing objectives in action; it's also useful and informative for people, -- WHILE also being keyword-rich inward and outward linked and further optimized for search engine visibility. This is what we strive for with our blog writing services.


Benefits of Our Blog-Writing Services

When you publish quality web content on a regular basis, several things begin to happen at once. Here's a "short list" of the benefits you'll derive from NewVista's blog writing service:

• You get a steady stream of quality content.

• You save time, money, and energy because NewVista does all the work.

• You will grow your website steadily over time.

• You will improve your search engine visibility for key phrases.

• You will position yourself as a knowledge-leader in your industry.

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